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Aspro participated in AOG Patagonia 2022

Gustavo Frontera, Global Commercial Manager, Juan Carlos Di Bella, Oil & Gas Commercial Advisor and Juan José Palacios, New Business Developer, attended the Argentina Oil & Gas Exhibition (AOG) Patagonia edition.

The event, which occupied more than 4,300 m2 of stands, becoming the largest of all AOG Patagonia exhibitions to date, was organized by the Argentine Institute of Oil and Gas, and is held every two years in that region.

Governor Omar Gutiérrez officially opened the Expo and presented the projections to 2030, announcing that he will present the Vaca Muerta Development Plan 2023-2030 to the Legislature and anticipated that “concessions in continuous development will increase to 27, which It is equivalent to 25% of the surface of Vaca Muerta”.

High Expectations and record attendance

In the three days of the exhibition, Business Rounds were held where we were able to connect with manufacturers and suppliers of the main oil and gas companies that operate in Argentina and in the region.

In turn, we were able to learn about the latest in exploration, production, distribution, transportation, refining, processing and marketing technology, and reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout the oil and gas industry.

In total, more than 8,000 people attended, including professionals, businessmen and the public interested in the industry, which allowed us to continue interacting to strengthen our business.

Aspro has installed oil&gas equipment in Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Colombia, China, Indonesia and Nigeria. It is currently actively participating in new projects to expand this technology throughout Latin America.

A new assembly line dedicated to Oil & Gas allows to develop new high flow and power projects. With more investment and innovation, Aspro continues to grow in the industry.