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FS-Elliott Opens Third Quarter with New IIoT Monitoring: FS-Connect

As industry and technology continues to evolve, FS-Elliott (Export, PA) is proud to announce its recent entrance into the remote monitoring landscape earlier this month with the launch of FS-Connect. Using a 4G cellular, web-based connection, FS-Connect has been designed to provide you clear surveillance of your compressor activity, alongside troubleshooting support, from any remote location.

"We believe that this new remote monitoring solution can be a powerful addition to any of FS-Elliott’s Regulus Control Panels, as it provides our users the ability to not only monitor the operational status of their compressed air system but will also help improve efficiency and compressor uptime through remote notifications and reporting. As an addition to FS-Connect, we are also excited that the FS-ConnectedServices option will provide a new level of service offerings to FS-Connect users, helping them troubleshoot on-site issues in a productive and timely manner. " – Justin Johnson, Product Manager, Controls

With this new product offering, you’ll gain a live view of your compressor(s) status, including items such as pressure/vibration/temperature monitoring, alarm/trip data, and valve positioning. Operational and maintenance notifications, as well as monthly summary reports, will help keep you on track for any maintenance services and provide energy-saving recommendations through our Energy Advisor. 

FS-Elliott will offer three different subscription plans (Basic, Plus, and Pro) depending on your monitoring needs. Each plan grants you the choice to add in the additional FS-ConnectedServices option. This offering lets our experienced Controls Engineers troubleshoot your issues live and provide support when requested.