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Started Development of Motor Pumps for Rocket Engines

To expand the field of application of the in house developed machineries, EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) finds opportunity in the rapid growing aerospace industry and started the development of motor powered fuel pumps for rocket engines.

1. Background

The participation of private organizations has resulted in the positive exponential growth in the commercialization of the outer space. Therefore, a variety of exciting transportation infrastructure to connect the ground to space (orbit) has emerged. Especially, Rockets for launching satellites, Space planes for Space-Tourism, Inter-orbit transport aircraft and Lunar transportation system are among the most popular choices of development for the private players and startups.

2. Overview

The pumps play a vital role in the rocket propulsion system and acts similar to a heart of the engine that sends fuel and oxidizing agent to the combustion chamber, hence making it an extremely difficult component for development. We have a proven track record for providing technical support for rocket turbo pumps with other renowned organizations in the space field. Aiming at the full scale commercialization in the future, we have started the development of pumps to improve the various aspects of the current space transportation systems.

Characteristics of Motor Pump for Engine

- The pump delivers fuel and oxidizer from the tank to the engine combustion chamber to create the propulsion for transportation system.

- Unlike the conventional turbine-driven pump*1, an electric motor is adopted for the drive. By electrifying, we aim to provide new value, such as maintainability and ease of handling*2 of engines in outer space, in the space transportation infrastructures, where demand is expected to expand in the future.

Target market

- Compact satellite launch systems

- High-speed transportation between two sites

- Space debris removal, Space transportation of goods

- Transportation in low-gravity environments such as lunar lift-off and landing

3. Future plan

The market launch for time being is scheduled for 2024. Meanwhile, we will be working and collaborating with other well-known organizations to deploy our pumps with the manned aircrafts in the future. We will contribute to creating abundant and evolving lifestyles which was set as one of our premier goals in the long term plan “E-Vision 2030”.

The EBARA Group aims to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing material issues identified in its long-term vision and executing the medium-term management plan to increase corporate value.

1A system in which centrifugal pumps rotate by turning a turbine with high-temperature combustion gas, and boost extremely low-temperature fuels/oxidizers

2Easy thrust control