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KBL Launches Energy-efficient KDI EE5 Monobloc Pump

The newly launched KDI EE5 pumpset from KBL offers Ultra-Premium Efficiency with high specific discharge resulting in 16.6% less energy consumption for pumping the same amount of liquid. Equipped with IE5 motor, the launch of this advanced KDI EE5 pumpset is yet another big step toward KBL’s commitment to offering superior customer value.

This new pumpset offers an array of features like a superior quality mechanical seal that ensures zero leakage, lower friction loss, protects from wearing of the shaft, thus resulting in easy maintenance and longer life. With the hydrogenating acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) and ceramic combination, it can withstand fluid temperatures up to 120 degrees.

The CED Coated Impeller of the latest coating technology offers corrosion resistance with uniform coating, resulting in longer life. It has a head range of up to 54 meters and a discharge up to 33 litre/sec. KBL’s proudly “Made In India” next-gen KDI EE5 pumpset promises reliability, durability and significant savings.